Equinox 2 Episode Addition

by Cat and Kadith
Rated NC-17

"You know... you may have had good reason to stage a little mutiny of your
own."  It was a question and a statement, full of meaning, and doubt.  She
wanted reassurances.

He leaned a bit closer.  His answer was thoughtful, the words weighed
carefully as he realized both the impact they could have and the damage they
could do.  Honesty won out, for they had known each other too long, been
through too much.  "The thought had occurred to me..."  He watched her for a
minute, studying her reaction.  "...but that would have been crossing the

The words were stuck in her throat.  She tried to tell him, to apologize, to
thank him for his support and for helping her not cross the line.  He knew
though and stood there patiently, waiting.  The silence became too much, too
long, and she shifted her gaze, focusing in suddenly on something else.
"Will you look at that?"  The words, when she said them conveyed more than
her thoughts on the fallen dedication plaque.  She lifted it, brushing away
some of the debris.  "All these years, all these battles, this thing's never
fallen down before."

She didn't speak as he took it from her hands, studying the plaque as if his
next words could make or break them both.  His hands swept over it, covering
the same path, and removing more debris.  "Let's put it back up where it

The look they shared spoke volumes.  It was enough to make her rethink her
actions and regret her words, yet again.  She stood there a moment, lost in her
thoughts.  He always knew how to play her next, at least when it came to
making up.  He accepted responsibility for their disagreement in his own
way, maybe he didn't believe he was wrong, so much as that he had been unable to
communicate in a way to make her understand or even empathize with him.  No,
she was stubborn, and stuck to her guns.  She walked over to him, saying
nothing, as she held the plaque in place and he fastened it to the wall.
They were a team again, maybe not as secure as they were before, or... maybe
they were stronger.  Time would tell.  She turned, unable to stand her
thoughts any longer.  "Thank you Chakotay.  You have the bridge."  She ran
then, in spirit, hiding in her ready room.  The door had no sooner closed
behind her then it opened again.  She spun in shock, almost expecting Seven.
Her mouth dropped as Chakotay entered.

He paused only a moment, before stalking to her.  Uncertain, she backed away
from him.  His look was determined, almost predatory.  She bumped into her
desk, and he into her.  His hands moved swiftly, catching her around the waist and
lifting her onto the desk.  He nudged her thighs apart with his own and
stepped between them, fitting himself against her.  Her mouth opened and
closed.  Her voice was a squeak, as she looked at him, shocked.  "Chakotay?
What are you doing?"

He gave her an almost a half smile.  "Something I should have done a long
time ago Kathryn.  I'm tired of these games we play.  Advance, retreat, truce and
treaty, only to throw back up the defense and circle one another again,
find the walls, and attack the weak point, only to retreat once more or call
another truce.  I love you Kathryn Janeway.  I want you to be everything.
My lover, my friend, and my Captain.  I swear again my pledge to you.  Your
needs will always come first, and your first need is me."  His mouth dropped
down and kissed her, whisper soft, barely there.  "Let's put us where we

Her face crumbled with her resolve, she reached up to touch his face,
cupping his cheek with her hand, and closed her eyes. Nodding, she
re-opened them, tears spilled down her cheeks as she met his gaze, his
remained open as his face lowered over her own. Her lips trembled as he
covered them, and as his arms closed around her, pulling her fully against
his chest, she let out a half-choked sob. Kathryn's nails curled into his
arms where she'd moved to grip him, almost afraid he'd disappear. She
watched his face, his eyes, both of them were afraid if they closed them,
they'd lose what was happening.

Chakotay's hands moved around to her waist, then up her sides. His fingers
brushed against her breasts, his eyes finally drifting closed. She melted
against him, her mouth open for his exploration. Their tongues met in an
erotic dance, a slow mingling, nothing like the battle that had ensued
between them the last few days. Slowly, his fingers moved to the zipper of
her jacket and he began unfastening it. He pushed it aside and let his hands
fall to her breasts, he caressed them through the thin t-shirt, her nipples
hardening beneath his touch. Her back arched, the sounds she made now were
primal, instinctive. She clutched at him, pulling him more into her. Her
thighs closed around him, locking him in place, and her hips began a very
slow, rhythm, rocking against him suggestively.

He groaned, and pulled back, breaking off the contact with her mouth.
"Kathryn, sweet spirits," his eyes were clenched shut, "I want you, but not
here...not the first time."

Her hands reached up, clasping his face.  "Yes here... just like this.  This
is all honesty and all emotion Chakotay.  Fast and real and overwhelming,
and I don't want to think about this anymore.  I don't want to think about right
or wrong, or protocols, or even the changes this will mean for us.  Because,
if I do... If I stop and think about this, I might have time to be afraid,
and then I would change my mind and hurt both of us again.  So I'm asking
you, now, to be here and to be this and let us be and experience everything
with no regrets and no doubts.  Because, if you have them, so will I, and I
don't want them.  Not between us, and never again."  She pulled him down for
another kiss.

As she pulled back a bit, he snuggled her close to his body.  "As long as
you're sure?"

She smiled as her eyes met his.  "I'm sure."  Her hand stroked over his
cheek, and he turned his head sucking one of her fingers in his mouth.  She
jerked slightly, pulling away.  "Perhaps we should go back to my quarters.
We're pretty dirty."

He smiled, that dimpled grin of his.  "Unt uh... We're about to get a lot
dirtier."  He shifted then, pulling her hips until they fit snugly to his
and gently pushed her back on the desk.  His hands then trailed down to the
waistband of her slacks, pulling them down over her hips.  His smile
broadened as he encountered white, standard issue underpants.  "Starfleet to
the core, eh Miss Janeway."

One hand dropped to shyly cover the material, and she shifted to sit up,
blushing.  He pushed her back down again, one hand over her heart.
"Don't... Don't run from me Kathryn, and don't hide.  I want to see all of you..."

Her eyes drifted closed, and she released a breath she hadn't even realized
she'd been holding. Her hand drifted away from her body as she relaxed into
the surface of the desk, with her other hand she reached up and curled her
fingers around his wrist. Her fingers swept softly over his skin as she
stroked her way down to his hand, lifting it from her chest she grasped it,
their palms planted against each other, fingers curled around one another.
She opened her eyes, and their gazes met and locked.

Chakotay trailed his free hand over the skin of her thigh, his fingers
gently encoding the feel into his memory. "Kathryn...." He lifted his hand
to the waist of her underwear and stopped, waiting. In answer she moved
their joined hands to join his other, she lifted her hips slightly and
together they pushed away the beginning of the end of their barriers.

He lowered his head and placed a trail of kisses across her abdomen, moving
upward until he encountered the edge of her t-shirt. With his hands he began
moving the shirt upward, following its path with his lips. Her arms moved up
instinctively, allowing him to slip the garment easily from her body. A grin
twitched at his lips at the small, flimsy material that now greeted him.

She shrugged slightly, "You just wouldn't believe how uncomfortable a lace
bikini cut can be with those uniform pants..."

He groaned loudly and lifted her, pulling her up to meet his mouth fully.
The kiss he gave her this time was of bruising strength, nothing of the
gentle declaration from before remained.

She melted into him, returning the kiss with all the passion in her,
matching him tongue stroke for stroke, nip for nip.  He released her back onto the
desk, his hands sweeping over her lace covered breasts.  He grinned as she
tugged on his top.  He shifted up, separating their upper bodies, but
leaving their lower halves together.  He slowly removed the uniform top and the
underlying shirts, making it an erotic strip tease for her alone.  Her eyes
widened and glazed, her hands tracing the bronzed flesh.  He smiled once
more before leaning down to catch her mouth again.  "Computer security lockout,
Chakotay 4747 Beta."

Kathryn's mouth opened slightly, but he covered it quickly, performing
another erotic tease with his tongue before slowly trailing wet kisses down
her body.  He paused briefly at her breasts, teasing the nipples into taunt
peaks through the silky material.  Every few moments he would stop and blow
a cool stream of air across the damp flesh, eliciting shivers and groans from
his companion.  Finally tired of his play there for the moment, he continued
downward, his mouth hovering over the damp curls of her sex.

Her hand stopped him, clenching in his hair.  "What... what are you doing?"

His eyes met hers, teasing at first.  "You're a big girl, figure it out."

Her eyes closed briefly.  "I know...  I have and idea...  I never... ah
hell, I didn't think guys really liked that?"

"Don't lump me in with others.  This guy likes it very much.  I want to
taste you, touch you, all of you.  Let me?"  She hesitated a moment longer, and
then the thought, the newness washed over her and her hand relaxed,
releasing his hair.  As his mouth covered her, she jerked at unexpected pleasure.  He
soon had her moaning her pleasure, so much so that one hand slipped up to
cover her mouth as the other joined his to give her more.

Chakotay took her hand and clasped it in his own, their fingers intertwined
as he continued teasing her flesh with his tongue. He stroked and prodded,
pulling her swollen folds into his mouth and releasing them. He soon had her
shrieking as her first release in too long swept over her in wave after wave
of pleasure. Neither cared who could hear them beyond the bulkheads of the

Kathryn's back arched off the desk as she trembled beneath him, her body
jerking and twisting as she writhed under his touch. The pleasure grew in
such intensity that she was soon pushing him away, unable to handle the
torture on her already too sensitive skin. She shivered as her body
continued contracting, slowly coming down from the powerful climax. Her
chest heaved as she struggled to pull in air, breath after breath she felt
as though she would explode. "Oh damn...." She stuttered between gasping
breaths. Their hands were still joined as he moved up over her body, his
free arm moving around her to cradle her against his body. She was
completely limp, her legs dangled uselessly from the desk, her toes still
curled tightly inward.

He grinned at her, and lowered his head to gently nuzzle against her neck,
"I told you that you'd like it." She shifted beneath him, whimpering softly
in agreement. He chuckled, then quickly got busy once again, moving his lips
across the soft skin of her neck and collar bone.

She panted in his ear, not coming completely down from her high as he began
once more to arouse her.  "I suppose you want me to return the favor

He pulled back, looking at her, reading an uncertainty there he hadn't seen
before.  "It seems we have a lot to learn about each other as we travel this
particular path Kathryn.  I won't lie to you.  I want your mouth on me
almost as much as I want you, but only if you want it to be there."

She flushed again, nervous, feeling confused, and bit out of her league.
"I'm sorry.  I keep saying things, stupid things...  I'm not very good at

He blinked, kissing her lightly.  "What?"

Her head ducked tucking into his chest.  "Sex... Intimacy... I don't usually
have sex for the hell of it."

He laughed, hugging her close.  "That much I know for certain.  If you were
just one to scratch an itch because it itched, we would have done this a
long time ago.  It's hard to imagine you not good at something, once you set your
mind to it.  I think it has a lot to do with the person you are with, how
you feel about them and yourself, and whether or not this is a place were you
want to be."  He nudged her chin up, pleased and surprised by her sudden
streak of honesty.  "I want you here with me, always.  We can learn from
each other, do new things and old things and learn each others likes and
dislikes. That's what its all about.  And, well, if I do something you don't like, or
vice versa, we stop and we discuss things, and we don't do them.  If you
aren't comfortable with all of this... there is no turning back by the way,
we stop this part of it until you are.  We sit down and we talk, and when
you are, we continue making love together and making our lives together."

She smiled, once more at ease.  "I love you... and I want you.  More than
I've ever wanted anyone or anything.  Make love with me Chakotay, please?"

As he leaned down to capture her mouth once more, he smiled.  "I thought
you'd never ask..."  Once more he continued his arousing task, taking his
time to bring her to peak, time and again, allowing her to touch him, learn
his body.

His muscles rippled beneath her touch, his skin growing moist to the touch
as a thin sheen of sweat broke out over his body. Holding back was beginning
to severely drain his energy, but he continued doing it, coaxing her into
the state of ecstasy he had only dreamed of before.

Kathryn's hands grew more daring, and moved to remove the rest of his
clothing. She unfastened his trousers and moved them past his hips. He
stopped her before she could push his briefs away, his breath was ragged as
it washed over her face, his eyes once again questioning. She shivered
beneath him, and lifted her knees to cradle his body between her legs. "I'm
yours Chakotay, finish it...please," she breathed into his mouth as she
tipped her head up to capture his own. He groaned into her mouth as she
lifted her hips against him, inviting him to finish their union, begging to
be completed. His hands swept down to her hips, holding her gently in place
as he positioned himself over her. Kathryn lifted her hand to once again cup
his cheek, "All or nothing Chakotay...no turning back."

She stiffened slightly as he slid home, but he paused, waiting for her to
join him once more, using his hands to coax her to him, and his mouth to
imitate the moves he was eager to make.  She was hot and tight around him
and he groaned as her inner muscles clenched.  He began to move, slowly at
first, then increasing the pace as she followed him, moving together in a dance as
old as time until they peaked together, swamped with pleasure and love for
one another.

It took several minutes for Chakotay to come back to himself, and then he
shifted, or tried to as he had collapsed on top of her and worried he was
crushing her.  She shifted, tightening her legs around his waist and her
arms around his neck, holding him in place.  "Not yet...  Don't leave me yet.  I
like you here."

He couldn't stop his grin as he kissed the tip of her nose.  "I like it here
too. I love you Kathryn, now, always, forever."

She pressed her forehead to his.  "I love you too. Now, always, forever."
She grinned then, releasing her hold a bit.  "I'm glad you decided to put things
where they belong.  What do you say we check on repairs and retire to my
quarters.  Perhaps you can show me a few more things I might like, and maybe
I can learn what you like as well?"

He reached up to brush a sweat dampened lock of hair from her face, "Well,
that sounds like a plan to me except....neither of us are exactly in any
shape to make an appearance before the crew. They may talk...."

She lifted herself onto her elbows and gazed at him, "Let them, all or
nothing remember. If they don't like it," she shrugged, "we can space the
whole lot of them."

He laughed, "Yes ma'am." He leaned down and kissed her once more, before
finally rolling off of her and sliding off the desk. He retrieved her
uniform as she lifted herself into a sitting position, groaning as muscles
made themselves known once more. He placed the pieces of her uniform beside
her then retrieved his own. As he began pulling it on he clucked his tongue,
"Torn zippers, missing pips, are you sure you want to walk back to your

As she slid off the desk, onto shaking legs, she shook her head. "Yes,
besides, there's not a soul on that bridge that couldn't hear us screaming."
She began pulling her uniform on, and foregoing her jacket she looked at
him, "Ready?"

She straightened her shoulders and took Chakotay's hand, and stepped out the
ready room door onto the bridge.  Her mouth dropped in surprise.  She noted
Chakotay's expression matched hers.  The bridge was empty, with the
exception of Tuvok, who was working at the tactical station.  She knew she should just
walk away, but she couldn't stop herself.  "Tuvok?  Where are the others?"

His eyes met hers, and though his face remained expressionless, she thought
she saw a hint of approval in his eyes.  "I assigned them to repair tasks in
other parts of the ship."

She smiled then, nodding in understanding.  As she walked toward the
turbolift, she paused, one hand hovering briefly over his before touching it
lightly.  "Thanks old friend."  He nodded, words unnecessary.  She smiled
again, this time at Chakotay as she handed the bridge over to Tuvok once
more.  As the turbolift doors closed behind them, Chakotay pulled her into
his arms and kissed her.  She pulled back several seconds later.  "What was
that for?"

"Because I wanted to and could."

She grinned again, and pulled his head down for another kiss.  "To new
beginnings my love."

"To new beginnings."  His lips closed over hers once more to seal the
promise of a future and a life of love.